Misc. Information

  1. The extended Stay Suite has a local telephone number. Long distance calls are blocked. Calling card, toll-free and collect calls are allowed.
  2. The extended Stay Suite has a garage.
  3. The main entrance lobby door access system allows you to open the lobby door from inside the Extended Stay Suite using your telephone. The access system directory lists the Suite as Extended Stay. A visitor simply scans down the list of tenants on the access system until “Extended Stay” is reached, they then press “call”. The Extended Stay Suite telephone will ring. Answer it. You will be able to talk to the visitor in the main entrance lobby for up to three (3) minutes. To allow access, press “9” on your telephone. The electric door strike will open for three (3) seconds allowing the door to open.
  4. The Banbury Place/International Harvester Apartment Home office telephone number is 715-836-6828. Our office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. In the event of an emergency, during non-business hours, a telephone message may be left and an on-call person will be contacted.
  5. The Extended Stay Suite and the entire International Harvester Apartment Home building is smoke free.
  6. No pets are allowed in the Extended Stay Suite
  7. Garbage/Recycling disposal is provided outside the main entrance behind the fenced area.
  8. Expanded basic cable television is programmed on the living room television.
  9. Coin-Operated laundry facilities are located on the Ground Floor level of the Building.
  10. A tenant Community Room is located on the Ground Floor of the Building. Its use is for all tenants of the Building. If you are interested in renting the Community Room for a party or gathering please contact our office, 715-836-6828.
  11. A Guest Suite is located on the Ground Floor of the Building. If you have additional guests that need their own “space” the Guest Suite is available for rent on a daily basis. Please call our office if you are interested in renting the Guest Suite, 715-836-6828.
  12. No more then three (3) persons or more then two (2) unrelated persons may occupy the Extended Stay Suite.
  13. If you are interested in using the Banbury Place Fitness Center please call our office, 715-836-6828.
  14. The Extended Stay Suite mailing address is Extended Stay, 303 Putnam Street, Mail Box xx, Eau Claire, WI 54703-3533.
  15. No unreasonable noise, including singing, stereo music, musical instructions, radio or television which in the judgment of the Banbury Place staff disturbs other residents of the Building is allowed.
  16. No unusual or objectionable odors from cooking or other sources which in the judgment of Banbury Place staff disturbs other residents of the Building is allowed.
  17. Additional parking is available in the open parking low of the Building. No boats, campers, trailers or snowmobiles are allowed in the parking lot.
  18. Attached is a list of furniture, appliances, glassware, dinnerware, tableware, linens, cooking utensils, etc., that are fund in the Extended Stay Suite. You are responsible for the return of these items in good working order and repair (wear & tear expected) upon the termination of your stay. If you find that any of these items are damaged or missing please contact our office immediately. If you do not contact our office within three (3) days of the beginning of your stay we will assume that all items are within the Extended Stay Suite and in good order and repair.
  19. On the last day of your stay we request that you depart by 11:00 am. Please leave your keys and garage door opener on the kitchen table. If a later departure time is required please contact or office, 715-836-6828.

We hope you enjoy your stay at the International Harvester Apartment Home Extended Stay Suite. If we can make your stay more enjoyable in anyway please contact us at 715-836-6828.