Guest Suite Information

Having a customer, employee, prospective employee come for a visit? Consider having them stay conveniently at Banbury Place in our International Harvester Apartment Homes Guest Suite! Guest Suites are only available for tenants of Banbury Place or Cigan Properties.

$40.00 per night

$35.00 per night (2 or 3 consecutive nights)

$30.00 per night (4 or more consecutive nights)

For more information and Guest Suite reservations call Banbury Place at 715-836-6828 or reserve your room online at Banbury Reservations. Linens and towels will be provided. For extended stay the Guest Suite and Linens/Towels will be cleaned/exchanged after every three (3) nights stay. The Guest Suite is a no smoking area and is limited to two (2) guests per night. Renting Company shall be liable for any property damage, waste or neglect caused by the negligence or improper use of the Guest Suite by your Company guests.